Heat Treatment

The Isfahan Kafriz Company possesses a continuous heat treatment line that includes precision furnaces and is well-equipped with different thermocouples and calibration certificates. The company also utilizes the valuable experience of its own specialists to perform various heat treatment cycles such as Anil, Normale, Normale and Temper, liquidation quench and temper and anil in order to meet the physical and mechanical specifications of the Monobloc Wheel and Bandage, which are compatible with international standards.

Machine Work

CNC machine work machines, strip cutting saw machines, and precision drilling tools are available at the company, making them capable of producing machine work and final parts.

quality guarantee

We are always seeking to obtain access to the best products in order to meet our customers’ needs and maintain the highest quality in all manufactured products permanently. To guarantee reliability and safety, it is necessary to maintain the best quality of the products.

Isfahan Kafriz Company has a strong belief in complying with quality standards. The company recognizes that developing appropriate and standard implementation methods will lead to the commitment to perform systemic and clear methods. We will achieve such success only by implementing a quality management system designed with a commitment to continuously improve and fulfill all customer needs. To do so, we sought consultancy from Par to Sang Company and received the quality management system certificate ISO9001:2015 from DQS Company in Germany.

Moreover, our quality department, is trying to maintain a close relationship with customers in order to improve processes and create more compatibility with quality standards and also to meet customer’s needs and while protecting customer’s private information, trying to utilize their valuable opinions by implementing a comprehensive management system.

Quality Control

To maintain the quality control department’s independence and ensure customer satisfaction, a contract has been signed between Isfahan Kafriz Company and Parto Sanj Company, a legal entity, in order to control the entire quality control process, from the supply of raw materials to production steps and the final product.

Parto Sanj Company is a steam company that benefits from well-educated and experienced experts and is well equipped with a wide variety of experimental equipment and facilities, including test and inspection facilities. Isfahan Kafriz’s products can now be produced in compliance with quality management system standards thanks to this company.

From the initial stages to the production stage, each manufactured product has its own specific code. During the production process, it is possible to track the status of each product using its specific code.
All necessary experiments, measurements, and inspections related to each product are performed by professional specialists at Parto Sanj Company in a careful and orderly manner, based on standard instructions. After specialized assessments and compatibility with high quality standards, each manufactured product can proceed to the next step.

All figures and experimental results will be implemented in the development and improvement processes and as a result, the final product is equivalent to the best European similar products in terms of quality.

Metallurgy Lab

Parto Sanj Company’s material labs have been working since 2002 and they have started to actively develop in order to become the reference lab in the field of rail industry since 2014.

The Parto Sanj lab is equipped with the latest and most advanced experimental and measuring equipment. Furthermore, all this equipment will be monitored and calibrated at the appropriate time. The Parto Sanj lab’s expert team is composed of well-educated and capable specialists who are knowledgeable enough about test standards and rail product standards. This means that they can perform the necessary product testing very well and perform testing for other customers.

– Chemical Analysis
– Tensile test
– Hardness test
– Impact test
– Bending test
– Fatigue test
– Metallography test
– Residual stress test

Technical Inspection Department

Parto Sanj Company’s technical inspection department carries out all necessary inspections throughout the production process based on comprehensive instructions and quality plans.
Then, they register all the records. Finally, they assess and approve the final products based on the obtained records and quality standards.
In particular, all necessary inspections are carried out completely on all types of parts according to the following three sections:
– Raw material control and inspection section
– Process control and inspection section
– Final product control and inspection section
The different ways to carry out inspections of various parts related to bandages and monobloc products are as follows:
– Eye Inspection
– Dimensional and geometric control
– Surface smoothness control
– Portable hardness tester
– Balance Control
– Ultrasonic Inspection
– Inspection of Magnetic Particles
Finally, the compatibility of all results from metallurgical and mechanical experiments was ensured and technical inspections were carried out based on the required quality standards, and as an independent and trusted company, Parto Sanj Company issues product quality certificates in accordance with EN 10204-3.2.

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