Isfahan Kefriz Knowledge Foundation Company

The only manufacturer of monobloc train wheels in Iran​

Isfahan Kafriz Company has been active since 1363 and for 37 years, it has been involved in the water supply industry, oil, gas, petrochemical, and new and rail energies.
Quality and innovation have always been the company’s top priorities. The company has produced tower flanges for wind turbines and high pressure ball valves’ body and closure for the first time in the country.


By utilizing its machinery and advanced metallurgical labs, Isfahan Kafriz Company intends to play a crucial role in the country's transportation industry.


It is the goal of the company to collaborate with every company active in the country' rail transportation sector and to address a significant portion of the country's requirements. The company also aims to expand its international business by exporting its products to other countries.

Resume of Isfahan Kafriz Company


  1. Manufacturing various cast iron parts for water supply in the war zones of the country in 1987
  2. Manufacturing the high-pressure water supply flanges to Turkmenistan in 2004
  3. Producing PN40 dismantling joint and various flanges according to DIN standard in 2010
  4. Inventing dismantling joint to prevent excessive water wastage in ponds in 2011
  5. Producing tower flanges for wind turbines with a diameter of 4 meters, integrated and forged, for the first time in 2013
  6. Producing bodies and closures for ball valves for the first time in the country in 2014
  7. The first private railway tyres manufacturer in the country
  8. Producing more than 40,000 railway tyres, which kept millions of dollars in the country
  9. Producing national monoblock wheels and obtaining approval from the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways in 2020
  10. Producing of monoblock wheels for city trains and obtaining approval from Tehran Municipality
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